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Alina Osorio

2019 WIN Outstanding Leader finalist


Alina Osorio

Fiera Infrastructure

Finalist: 2019 WIN Outstanding Leader Award

Alina is a seasoned investment professional in the utility and infrastructure investment and financing sector. Her many years of experience have been gained from her roles, initially, as an equity research analyst covering Canadian utility companies, an investment banker in the infrastructure space, then a principal investor and finally, a portfolio strategist for a major Canadian pension fund. Alina has provided financial advisory services for equity and debt financing, mergers and acquisition and divestitures in the sector; but more recently has extensive experience and an established track record as a principal investor in infrastructure, including her role as the CEO of North America’s first unlisted infrastructure fund focused in both Canada and the US, the Macquarie Essential Assets Partnership (“MEAP”). Under her leadership, MEAP pursued and assessed many opportunities, completed five acquisitions and one divestment. Thereafter Alina led the infrastructure program at OPTrust with a capital allocation of $2.5 billion. In this role, she was responsible for setting strategic direction, oversight of investment strategies, acquisitions and the management of an infrastructure portfolio in excess of a billion dollars. She holds a Bachelors of Engineering, an MBA , a CFA and a Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario.