Women's Infrastructure Network
WIN Awards Program



ACCIONA is a proud sponsor of the Women’s in Infrastructure Network and a committed partner in promoting and advancing the leadership of women in the infrastructure sector.

ACCIONA is a global provider of sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy services. Our expertise covers the entire value chain from research and development and design to the construction, operation and maintenance of projects. Present in more than 30 countries, ACCIONA delivers solutions that contribute to the economic and social progress of the communities in which we operate.

ACCIONA aims to lead the transition to a low-carbon economy by investing in innovation and adopting processes and quality standards that optimise the use of resources and protect the environment in all its business activities.

Present in Canada since 2001, ACCIONA is the proud lead partner of one of Canada’s largest infrastructure projects: Site C Clean Energy Project.

For more information, please visit www.acciona.ca or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.