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Miriam MacNeil

Miriam MacNeil Director of Campus Planning and Development Parliamentary Precinct Branch (PPB)

Miriam MacNeil
Director of Campus Planning and Development
Parliamentary Precinct Branch (PPB)

Ottawa Profile

Miriam is the Director of Campus Planning and Development at the Parliamentary Precinct Branch (PPB). She is currently leading the update to the 2006 Long Term Vision and Plan which guides the implementation of the Precinct’s complex rehabilitation projects. Miriam has close to 20 years’ experience working in the private and public sectors in Canada and in the municipal sector in California. She is recognized in the fields of long range planning, urban design, public land development, sustainability, and public consultation. She holds a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Queens University. She is a Registered Professional Planner with the province of Ontario and a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners.

How long have you been in Ottawa?
I was born and raised in Ottawa. I left when I was 19 for school, travel (I was a Nanny in Australia!) and work (I worked in California as an urban planner for the City of Redwood City – in the San Francisco Bay area) – I’ve been here now for 15 years.
What first interested you in working in infrastructure/development?
Building LEGO space stations with my brother.
What is your proudest professional achievement?
One of my proudest professional achievements is actually not directly related to urban planning - it was directing the work to design of 3 large scale banners for 100 Wellington as part of the Prime Minister’s announcement last June that 100 Wellington would become a space for Indigenous Peoples. This work was done directly working with 3 National Indigenous Organizations representing First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities and making sure the building was dressed wi6th symbols important to their culture for this historic announcement – I felt I played a small part for reconciliation and learned some much about our indigenous communities. It’s changed my outlook on how we should chart the future of the precinct.
What is your favourite spot in Ottawa?
My favourite spot in Ottawa is along the Ottawa River at the base of Parliament Hill. I always think how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful City when I have a chance to get down there.
What is your favourite book?
My favourite book of all time is the Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch—a tale of girl power that I learned at an early age—in the 80s. It also served as a back drop when my husband asked me to marry him – he knew I was not going to marry a ‘bum’ ;)