Attention To 2015 Nominees

It has come to our attention that erroneous information about the selection process in 2015 was posted on the US WIN website: The selection process stated that,

“…Unless specifically declined by the nominee, nominations will be considered for two consecutive years (assuming eligibility criteria are met).”

Please note that this information was posted in error and that 2015 Nominees will not be automatically considered for the 2016 WIN Awards. To be considered for the 2016 WIN Awards, a new nomination package will need to be submitted addressing the revised evaluation criteria. To simplify the process, reference letters used in the 2015 nomination package can be re-used for the 2016 submission. Our sincerest apologies for the confusion.

2016 WIN Nomination Process

Update: Nominations Deadline Extended

Due the response we've received to this year's Awards Program, the nominations deadline has been extended to Friday, February 19, 2016. To facilitate evaluation, please ensure that your nomination package addresses each of the evaluation criteria. If you have any questions, please contact

Deadline for Nominations: January 29th, 2016

The Women’s Infrastructure Network will recognize two outstanding women in Canada: one for the Outstanding Leader category, and one for the Emerging Leader category.

A Woman in Infrastructure is defined for the purpose of this award as a woman operating in a role related to the provision of infrastructure needed for a country, region or organization to function properly. This includes the entire spectrum of the industry, for example members of public agencies, infrastructure and pension funds, commercial and investment banks, law firms, financial advisory, architecture, design, engineering and construction firms, and any other roles required throughout the lifecycle of an infrastructure asset.

Eligibility Criteria for Nominees

The nominee, to be eligible to receive one of the awards, must meet the following criteria and must be:

  • A woman in the field of infrastructure

  • A resident of Canada for at least one year, and

  • Working in an infrastructure-based role within the industry.

The WIN Outstanding Leader Award


  • Meets the eligibility criteria above;

  • Works in a role related to infrastructure;

  • Excels in her field, and is paving the way for more women to follow in her footsteps;

  • Has an excellent track record within her current and previous organizations;

  • Her drive and performance facilitates the professional development, advancement and support of women in the infrastructure sector; 

  • Is actively involved in her professional and local community; and

  • Is a role model and supports professional development of women.

This award is for female professionals who shape the world we live in through their work in the infrastructure industry, and are trailblazers for women in the infrastructure sector.

The WIN Emerging Leader Award


  • Meets the eligibility criteria above;

  • Has less than 15 years of experience and/or is under 40 years of age;

  • Works in a role related to infrastructure;

  • Is an early leader who has made meaningful professional contributions that are outstanding and unique;

  • Guides, supports and encourages the development of others and/or the promotion of women, in particular in the infrastructure field; 

  • Is actively involved in her professional and local community; and

  • Is a role model and supports professional development of women.

This award is for female professionals who are showcasing to be emerging leaders of the infrastructure industry of tomorrow.

Nomination Process

Nominations can be submitted by the nominees themselves, or by another individual.

  1. Ensure the nominee meets the eligibility criteria

  2. Complete the attached nomination form 

  3. Provide a statement of support outlining how the nominee fulfills each of the attached criteria for the award (maximum two pages).

  4. Include a biography of the nominee (one page maximum)

  5. Include two letters of support for the nominee (up to one page each - maximum)

  6. Submit a high resolution photo of the nominee (larger than wallet size)

  7. Submit the nomination package to WIN by email to  before January 29, 2016

Women nominated under the WIN Awards Program will be profiled on this website and those short-listed for these awards will be profiled at the WIN Awards Event.  In addition, this program will be profiled in the media and nominees may have an opportunity for media coverage.